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well, since revenge seems to be on the agenda worldwide the plaintiff's COULD just plant certain varieties of bamboo over the line. These are very water-seeking and a pipe laid in '95 might have a good shot at succumbing to roots. Because if my own tussle with our city taught me anything, the rule is "you own it, you fix it."

Depends on whether the line runs TO their property of THROUGH their property.

They could send a picture of the newly planted bamboo and notes on its proclivities to the city and say "thought you'd like to see what I myself can do with my property, to celebrate what YOU can do to my property". Maybe they'd give some compensation to dig up the bamboo?

Not really serious here, but how often does a government entity do this--take land without compensation? Did the sewer line ultimately benefit plaintiff, by allowing neighbors to move in, or upping the value of the land for development, or whatever? Does the line run TO their property of THROUGH their property--does it carry their own waste? . Lots that's hard to puzzle out in order to decide which side has the more reasonable, as opposed to more legal, position.

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